What to Know

  • When you hear a fire alarm, always evacuate! DO NOT ASSUME IT IS A FALSE ALARM OR A DRILL
  • Emergency Notifications will be sent out via Trojans Alert

What to Do

  • Obtain a map of all emergency exits, staircases and pull stations in your building.
  • Familiarize yourself with the assembly area in the building you frequent. All building assembly areas can be found on the building facts sheets located on the Fire Safety website.
  • Check evacuation routes for smoke. If unsafe, take an alternate route.
  • Make a GO Bag and be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. If you need assistance with what to pack in your Go Bag, please contact Emmelina Najera at emmelina@usc.edu with the Office of Fire Safety, Emergency Planning and Business Continuity.
  • DPS, Fire Safety and LAFD, may direct you to leave if you are in danger.
  • If a voluntary evacuation order is issued for your building, take only essential items with you.
  • If you are ordered to shelter in place do so until further instruction is provided via Trojans alert.

More Information