General Evacuation Procedures:

  • Everyone must leave the building immediately if the fire alarm is activated or if you are directed to do so by emergency personnel.
  • Use the nearest safe exit or exit stairwell. Never use elevators in an emergency evacuation.
  • Non-ambulatory persons should move to a stairwell landing and wait for further assistance. If you see an individual needing evacuation assistance, do not try to carry them out. Alert DPS as you exit the building. Be ready to provide the stairwell and floor number. See our Functional Needs and Access Evacuation Guidelines.
  • If the nearest exit or exit stairwell is obstructed by smoke, fire or other hazards, proceed to another exit or exit stairwell.
  • Hold the handrail and stay to the right side of the stairwell. Allow enough room for other evacuees to enter the flow of traffic.
  • Once outside the building, assemble away from the facility. Stand by for instructions from emergency personnel.

See Building Emergency fact Sheets for building specific information

All USC-owned buildings have staff assigned to the Building Emergency Response Team (BERT). These first-responders can be identified by the bright green or yellow vests they wear.