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CodeBuilding Name
ABMAmerican Button Manufacturing
ABXAnna Bing Arnold Child Care Center
ACBAhmanson Center for Biological Research
ACCElaine and Kenneth Leventhal School of Accounting
ADMBovard Administration
AHFAllan Hancock Foundation
AHNDosan Ahn Chang Ho Family House
ALMWidney Alumni House
ANNWallis Annenberg Hall
ASCAnnenberg School for Communication


BHEBiegler Hall of Engineering
BCCEli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research
BITBing Theatre
BKSPertusati University Bookstore
BMHMrs. Willis H. Booth Ferris Rehearsal Hall
BMTJohn E. Bishop Medical Teaching & Research Building
BRIBridge Memorial Hall


CABCMSC Administration Building
CADCardinal Gardens
CALCarole Little Building
CASCollege Academic Services
CCCHealth Sciences Campus Child Care Center
CICCale and Irani
CEMCenter for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis
CENCentennial Apartments
CHDCurrie Hall Daycare
CHPCenter for Health Professionals
CLHCollege House
COHCockins House
CRCCowlings and Ilium Residential College
CSAClinical Sciences Annex
CSCClinical Science Center
CTVCarson Television Center
CUBCredit Union Building


DCCDavidson Continuing Education Conference Center
DENEileen and Kenneth T. Norris Dental Science Center
DMCJoseph Medicine Crow Center for International & Pubic Affairs
DMLDoheny Library
DNIDornsife Cognitive Neuroscience Imaging Center
DRBCorwin D. Denny Research Center
DRCDrama Center


ECTEarly Childhood Training Center
EEBHughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Center
ESHRoger and Michele Dedeaux Engemann Student Health Center


FIGFigueroa Building
FPMFacilities Planning Management
FMHForthmann House
FTOFacilities Trailer One


GECGalen Event Center
GEREthel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center
GEHMax Kade Institute
GFSGrace Ford Salvatori Hall of Letters


HARHarris Hall, Quinn Wing and Fisher Gallery
HASHealth Science Alhambra Building
HC1Healthcare Consultation Center I
HC2Healthcare Consultation Center II
HC3Healthcare Consultation Center III
HC4Healthcare Consultation Center IV
HEDHedco Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Building
HERHeritage Hall
HMRElaine Stevely Hoffman Medical Research Center
HOHH. Leslie Hoffman Hall of Business
HSPHealth Sciences Campus Parking Structure


ISIInformation Science Institute
IYHJimmy Iovine and Andre Young Hall


JEFJefferson Building
JEPJoint Educational Project
JFFJill and Frank Fertitta Hall
JHHStudent Admin Services – Hubbard Hall
JKPJane Hoffman Popovich & J Kristoffer Popovich Hall
JWSJohn Williams Scoring Stage



LAWElvon and Mabel Musick Law Building
LHIDonald P. and Katherine B. Loker Hydrocarbon Institute
LJSLaird J. Stabler Memorial Hall
LRCGeneral William Lyon University Center
LVLLeavey Library


MCAMcKibben Annex
MCBMichelson Center for Convergent Bioscience
MCCMcClintock Building
MCHMcKibben Hall
MHPSeely Wintersmith Mudd Memorial Hall
MHCMcCarthy Honors Residential
MRCMcMorrow Residential
MMRMudd Memorial Research Building
MRFMontgomery Ross Fisher Building
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging Building
MSCMarine Sciences Center Laboratory
MUSRaubenheimer Music Faculty Memorial Building


NBCNemirovsky and Bohnett
NCTEileen Norris Cinema Theatre
NMLNorris Medical Library
NORKenneth Norris Jr. Cancer Hospital Research
NRTHarlyne J. Norris Research Tower
NTTDoctor Norman Topping Tower


OCWMoulton Organic Chemistry Wing
OHEOlin Hall of Engineering
ONEOne Institute


PCENeely Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Building
PEDPhysical Education Building
PHECharles Lee Powell Hall
PSADowney Way Parking Structure
PSCJohn Stauffer Pharmaceutical Sciences Center
PSDRoyal Street Parking Structure
PSXMcCarthy Way Structure


RANHoffman Contracts Research Building
RGLRalph & Goldy Lewis Hall
RHMVirginia Ramo Hall of Music
RRBRobert Glen Rapp Engineering Research Building
RRIRay R. Irani Hall
RTHRonald Tutor Hall of Engineering
RZCRobert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts


SACSacramento Center
SALHenry Salvatori Computer Science Center
SBASoto Street Building Annex
SCASchool of Cinematic Arts
SCBSchool of Cinematic Arts Building B
SCCSchool of Cinematic Arts Building C
SCDScene Dock Theatre
SCESchool of Cinematic Arts Building E
SCISchool of Cinematic Arts Building I
SCPSouth Coast Plaza Bookstore
SCXSchool of Cinematic Arts Building D
SGMSeely G. Mudd Building
SHNStevens Hall
SHSJohn Stauffer Hall of Science
SLHJohn Stauffer Science Lecture Hall
SOSSocial Sciences Building
SRHBlanche & Frank R. Seaver Residence Hall
SSBSoto Street Building
SSCFrank R. Seaver Science Center
SSHSeverance Street House
SSLSeaver Science Library
SSTSoto Street Building II
STOStonier Hall
STSSchool of Cinematic Arts Station
STOStonier Hall
STSSchool of Cinematic Arts Station
STUGwynn Wilson Student Union
SWCSocial Work Center on Child Welfare


TCCRonald Tutor Campus Center
TGFTown & Gown
THHTaper Hall
TMCThe Music Complex
TRCTRC – Kidney Center
TRFTemporary Research Facility
TROTrojan Residence Hall – Admissions Center
TTLTechnical Theatre Laboratory
TYLJohn & Alice Tyler Building


UGBUniversity Gardens
UGWUniversity Gateway
UNHKeck Hospital of USC
UPXGrand Avenue Structure
URCUniversity Religious Center
DABDramatic Arts Building


VBBValley Boulevard Building
VHEVerdugo Hills HospitalVivian Hall of Engineeringdugo Hills Hospital
VHHVerdugo Hills Hospital
VPDVerna and Peter Dauterive Hall


WAHRay & Nadine Watt Hall of Architecture & Fine Arts
WPHWaite Phillips Hall
WTOWebb Tower


ZHSZumberge Hall of Science
ZMTZone Management Trailer
ZNIZilka Neurogenetic Institute