If You Discover or Suspect a Fire


If you can’t find a fire alarm in the building, warn other occupants by knocking on doors and shouting a warning as you leave.


Do not stop to gather your belongings. Close all doors as you exit. Stop to help others only if you can do so safely.


Call the Department of Public Safety at (213) 740-4321 (UPC) or (323) 442-1000 (HSC). Give as much information as possible to the emergency dispatcher. Stay on the line until the dispatcher ends the call.

Fire Evacuation Procedure

When a fire alarm sounds, all occupants must exit the building immediately.

Even if you think it may be a false alarm, you must leave.

  • Go to the nearest exit or stairwell. If access is obstructed by smoke or flames, go to an alternate exit route.
  • If you smell smoke, stay low. Inhaling heated air and smoke can bring unconsciousness in less than a minute. To protect yourself, cover your mouth and nose with a piece of cloth.
  • Never use elevators during a fire evacuation. They may stop automatically, and you could be trapped.
  • Move down the stairs carefully. Do not attempt to turn back.
  • Assemble with other evacuees at least 100 feet away from the building.
  • Confirm that someone has called DPS.