Reporting an Outage

Report all power outages to the Department of Public Safety at (213) 740-4321 (UPC) or (323) 442-1000 (HSC).

Emergency Generators

Emergency generators for most buildings service only the fire-life-safety and security systems. Select locations have red-marked outlets specifically designed to power critical equipment in labs and other locations.

Safety Procedures

In case of a power outage:

  • Assess the extent of the outage in your area.
  • Report the outage to DPS.
  • Help persons in darkened work areas move to safety.
  • Check elevators to determine if anyone is trapped inside. If so, immediately call for help. Do not try to force elevator doors or make any other rescue attempt. Wait for a qualified elevator mechanic.
  • Unplug desktop computers, equipment and appliances during the outage, especially if no surge protector is connected.
  • Shutdown any equipment or process that could be hazardous if power suddenly returns.
  • If practical, secure current experimental work before carting it to a safe location. Hazardous spills pose significant risk during transport of chemicals. Seek assistance if necessary.
  • Keep lab refrigerators and freezers closed during a power outage. Take steps to protect materials dependent on power for cooling.
  • Notify appropriate personnel of critical areas such as animal cages or other special spaces needing power.
  • Activate your department/school business continuity plan.