Is there a Safer Way?

The purpose of this program is to prevent injury or loss to property while ensuring safe work conditions during welding, cutting, brazing, and grinding operations.  It is strongly encouraged that work be done (pre-fabricated) outdoors, if at all possible.


If you are a contractor and are planning to perform hot work on campus you must apply for a permit. Please complete the Hot Work Permit (please check your Email for approved hot work permit or your Junk Email folder) by filling in the appropriate information (contractor’s name, dates/times, locations, type of work: i.e., brazing, welding, cutting torch, etc)   Once you submit the form it will automatically be routed to USC Fire Safety Staff.  They will select the appropriate safeguards and checklist before any hot work is conducted and route the completed permit back to you with required precautions.  The contractor must display the permit as well as the emergency telephone poster at the jobsite.  The notification of hot work will also be sent to Facilities Management to avoid any unwanted alarms.

Note:  If any fire system is taken out of service (impaired), the contractor must stay on-site as a fire watch at all times while the detection is impaired.  Hot work is NOT allowed while sprinklers are out of service unless special precautions are approved.  If the sprinkler system is impaired or shut down, every effort should be made to avoid hot work.

Project Managers

Please fill out the Fire Impairment Utility Shutdown Form.

For any questions, please email USC Fire Safety

Robert Forsberg

Jeff Pendley