• Emergency Response Plan Development- Our team will meet with your staff to develop a customized plan that addresses communications, roles and responsibilities, incident specific tasks, coordination with the university and other departments, and develop custom job aids.
  • Emergency Management Consulting- Our experienced team can assist you with addressing specific emergency planning issues such as building evacuation plans, customized plans for disabilities, access and functional needs, hazard specific response procedures, incident management when an emergency occurs, facilitate debriefings and assist with developing after-action reports.
  • Training- We offer a wide range of training.  In addition to our existing programs (insert link) we develop customized trainings, presentations and workshops to meet your specific needs.
  • Drills and Exercises- A plan collecting dust in a binder on a shelf may not be helpful when the real emergency occurs. Our experts can design a tabletop or functional exercise to help your team practice and test emergency response and continuity capabilities.

For more information, contact Steven Goldfarb, Director, Fire Safety, Emergency Planning & Business Continuity at sgoldfar@usc.edu