For information on hazardous materials response procedures, consult the USC Environmental Health and Safety site.

If the spill is too large to contain and clean up on your own, immediately contact the Department of Public Safety:

UPC: (213) 740-4321
HSC: (323) 442-1000


In case of a chemical spill:

  • Isolate the spill area. Alert others.
  • Determine identity of spill material.
  • Avoid breathing vapors.
  • Establish ventilation to the outside if safe. Prevent the contaminant from spreading through the building.
  • Absorbents and neutralizing agents must be compatible with the spilled chemical. For information, see guidelines.
  • Prevent the spilled chemical from going down drains to avoid affecting the environment.
  • Dispose of cleanup materials as chemical hazardous waste.
  • Call EH&S for hazardous waste pickup or for guidance on cleanup or air monitoring at (323) 442-2200 (HSC).